System Release – New Medicine Service (NMS)

We have updated the system! As some of you may be aware, one of the outcomes for Year 3 of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework is an expansion of the New Medicine Service (NMS).

To support our customers, RxWeb has been updated this week so that any newly prescribed medicines dispensed under one of the thirteen new categories and that are listed on the published NMS Drug Lists ( New Medicine Service (NMS) – Drug Lists | NHSBSA ), will be flagged to the user during the dispensing process, subject to you having NMS switched on in your system configuration.

NMS Expansion categories:

  • Acute coronary syndrome (ACS);
  • Atrial fibrillation (AF);
  • Coronary heart disease;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Glaucoma;
  • Gout;
  • Heart failure;
  • Hypercholesterolaemia ;
  • Long term risks of venous thromboembolism/embolism;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Parkinson’s Disease;
  • Stroke / transient ischemic attack; and
  • Urinary incontinence and retention.

Please note that the current NMS eligible conditions/medicines will also continue as before, but the antiplatelet/anticoagulant therapy group is now included in the above list by reference to the underlying condition/reason for prescribing.

System Release August – Trusted Dosages, EPS Workflows, New Reports…

We are delighted to share with you a detailed look at what’s included in this August system release. 


Since our upgrade to HTML5, RxWeb is faster, smoother, and more reliable than ever before. The time it takes to develop and release new features to the system has also reduced significantly which means our product roadmap has become much more agile.

We are very pleased to bring our customer’s release S. This release includes some really useful updates to your PMR system, including:

  • Changes to the EPS workflows 
  • New function called ‘Trusted Dosages’
  • PMR Access Button on To Be Dispensed Queue
  • The Script ID barcode on the bag label can now be used in Scotland
  • Amendments to the Patient Services Module
  • New reports available

For more information on the above updates among others, we recommend reviewing the full set of release notes here.

Please NoteThe Trusted Dosage feature has been added to help convert GP dose syntax, making the dosage instruction clearer and more uniform for users and patients. The system-generated dosages have been provided by a Clanwilliam Health clinician. These are system-level and can be manually overridden using mappings created in the pharmacy by a user or during the dispensing process. This feature should not, however, be used to replace the clinical knowledge of the pharmacist or pharmacy staff.  

We have also hosted a webinar where we ran through all the relevant updates and how they work. You can watch this webinar back down below.




System Release – RTEC, SCR 1-click, Bag labels, EPS Queues

We are delighted to share with you a detailed look at what’s included in the June system release. 


Since our upgrade to HTML5, RxWeb is faster, smoother, and more reliable than ever before. The time it takes to develop and release new features to the system has also reduced significantly which means our product roadmap has become much more agile.

Because of this, we have adopted a new system release schedule meaning you will be seeing new features and functionality added to RxWeb much more regularly. And as a web-based system, all updates are rolled out remotely by our development team.


So what’s in the release?


  1. Real-Time Exemption Checking (RTEC) – RxWeb will now confirm a patient’s exemption status by automatically checking the NHS databases. PLEASE NOTE: There will be an initial pilot phase of RTEC meaning it won’t be immediately available within the system. Once approved by the NHS, this feature will be rolled out to all customers. This pilot is expected to run for 6 weeks. We will keep you updated on progress.
  2. Token Printing Limit Increased – The EPS token printing limit has been increased from 10 tokens to 20 tokens.
  3. SCR 1 click integration – Allows RxWeb users to access a patient’s SCR record with a single click from the patient home screen. PLEASE NOTE: Similar to RTEC, this feature will be switched on for all customers shortly after the release pending approval from the NHS.
  4. Increased View In EPS Queues – The ‘Additional Information’ window in the queues has now been replaced with a button to access this information, providing an increased view of the items listed in the EPS queues.
  5. New FP34 report – A new report has been added under Report Type ‘Financial’ called FP34 Statement Data – Current + 6 Months (EPS2) This report shows all items claimed for the last 6 months and for the current month, based on claims made within the claim submission window for the respective month. This is to help reconcile the item counts with the FP34 payment.
  6. Barcodes on Bag Labels – If you use an app for delivering prescriptions to your patients you will be able to scan a barcode on the bag label (containing the patient’s NHS number) directly into the delivery app. This will help you find your patient’s details quickly and easily.
  7. New Filter on Dispensing Screen – To help speed up the search responses for drugs, the current filters have been updated to only return those items currently available in the DM+D or that have been discontinued in the last 18 months. A new ‘ALL+DISC’ filter has therefore been added to display all items in the DM+D, including all discontinued items listed, regardless of the date they were discontinued.
  8. Search by NHS Number – Users can now search for a patient from the home screen using their NHS number.
  9. Domain Added for Prescribers – Users can now enter email addresses for prescribers that have addresses, as well as, when sending repeat requests by email.
  10. Sort Care homes Drug Grid by Headers – You can now click the headers on the columns in the care home module to sort the data.
  11. Colours for Care Home/MDS Patients – You can now set a colour for your care home and MDS patients so they are highlighted in the queues.


New 3rd Party Integrations


  1. Pharmatek – A new dispensing robot entering the UK market. Further details at or by contacting
  2. AviBuyer – AviBuyer is another new buying tool available to RxWeb users. Please note that you must have Avicenna membership to use this system. For further details, please click here or contact


Please Note: RxWeb will now automatically set the correct exemption and you will not be required to perform any additional actions in the following cases:

  • Patient is Age Exempt – we will automatically set every script as Exempt: A
  •  ALL Items on the prescription are prescriber endorsed FS (Sexual Health Free of Charge Medication) – prescription will automatically be set as Exempt: Y
  • ALL Items on the prescription are prescriber endorsed CC (Free of Charge Contraceptives) – prescription will automatically be set as Exempt: X

In case of a prescription where NOT ALL Items are prescriber endorsed with either CC or FS you will still need to confirm the exemption for all other items that may require payment if the patient is Not Exempt, therefore the system will not set the exemption automatically for that script.

You can learn more about what integrations are available with RxWeb by visiting our modules page here or contact . A range of smaller items and bug fixes will also be included within the release. A full set of release notes CAN BE FOUND HERE.

We have also hosted a webinar where we ran through all the relevant updates and how they work. You can watch this webinar back down below.



We’ve been very excited to share this first major release with you all. We’ll be in touch again next week to let you know when the release has gone live

RxWeb Enters Scotland

Clanwilliam Health are delighted to announce that RxWeb, its web-based PMR offering, has expanded into the Scottish pharmacy market.

RxWeb is the UK’s only web-based PMR system and has enjoyed significant growth in recent years among independent pharmacies as well as multi-site and large group users. Its entry into Scotland further promotes its position as the fastest growing PMR in the UK.

Eileen Byrne, Managing Director of Clanwilliam Health, commented on the significance of this growth: “This is a very special day for RxWeb and Clanwilliam Health as we receive accreditation to move into the Scottish market. We have worked closely with pharmacies in Scotland to ensure RxWeb is tailored specifically to market needs. We are, and have been, committed to investing in RxWeb so that we deliver a superior product offering for our customers, which has allowed us to grow significantly in the UK over recent years and we are excited to continue this growth in Scotland.”

David Ross, Business Development Manager for Scotland, also remarked on RxWeb’s expansion: “We’re very happy to finally be in a position to present RxWeb to the Scottish pharmacy market. Advancements in cloud technology have resulted in enormous contributions to pharmacy management in the UK, with RxWeb users gaining real value through significant financial savings and enhanced flexibility. This is both an exciting development for RxWeb and Scottish pharmacies”.

RxWeb is a cloud-based PMR system, allowing pharmacists anytime/anywhere access to their systems, as well as automatic updates and real-time back-ups. Pharmacies also enjoy enhanced levels of security due to no locally stored data or dependency on any one PC, meaning incidents of hardware failure or theft do not impact system operations or risk of patient data loss. RxWeb users have the freedom to supply their own hardware (provided it meets specifications) resulting in no multi-license fees. 

New System Release

RxWeb has developed and successfully rolled out its newest software release, the ‘M Release’ to all users. As always, the RxWeb roadmap is determined by our users’ feedback, in order to best enhance the RxWeb user experience.

Some of the changes included within the M Release include:

  • Greater control on EPS2 Endorsing to add SP automatically and force an IP to be added, where applicable on Dispensed Item.
  • Medications List with tick-boxes added to the Right Hand Side of Token for all repeat prescriptions (previously only on repeat batch).
  • Improved Pack Replacement Logic when Part-Pack dispensing.
    • <=70% of a pack prescribed – round down ‘Add to Order’ Qty to nearest pack.
    • > 70% of a pack prescribed – round up ‘Add to Order’ Qty to nearest pack.
  • Ability to find a Patient in Nominations spine search by using NHS Number.

RxWeb users can view the full list of system changes by logging into their Anytime account.

NHS Cyber Attack Update

We would like to assure customers that your RxWeb system is highly unlikely to be impacted by today’s ransomware attacks on NHS organisations due to its unique web-based technology.

While we will continue to monitor the situation closely, rest assured that RxWeb provides additional security to other windows-based PMR systems.

We would still remind you to be vigilant when opening emails or attachments from sources that are not familiar to you as you may have other systems running on your PCs/network that are open to attack.

Please contact our support team if you have any concerns, our team are here to help and advise you.

For further information and guidance in cyber security matters, please visit

New EPS System Release

RxWeb’s L2 release has been completed and installed across all user systems.

Below is a summary of changes for this latest release. Customers can also view the full L2 release notes by logging into their Anytime account.


  • Introduction of an Exemption Confirmation Pop-up in the TO BE CLAIMED Queue for any non-age exempt prescriptions (‘select all’ config needs to be set as off to enable function).
  • Column added in TO BE CLAIMED Queue to display Number of Days to Claim Prescription based on when Prescription was notified dispensed.
  • Changes to EPS Queue System to retain sort order and display until user selects different Queue.
  • EPS Date Navigation arrow buttons added to allow users to cycle through dates (forwards/backwards).
  • EPS prescriptions where no dispensing has taken place (Owed) now move to the OWINGS Queue instead of remaining in the TO BE DISPENSED Queue.
  • Updating Prescription Exemption on an EPS2 prescription in the TO BE COLLECTED or the TO BE CLAIMED Queue now stays focused on the prescription after updating the exemption.
  • EPS Queue patient search issue resolved, where typing additional spaces in the name search fields led to no results being returned.


  • Enhancements to the Update Stock Function on the Dispensing Screen to allow Ordering Settings to be modified (previously only available under Drug Management option from Home Screen).
  • Ability to return item level usage figures from the Update Stock Function on the Dispensing Screen.
  • Enhancements to the Update Stock Function on the Ordering Screen to allow Ordering Settings to be modified (previously only available under Drug Management option from Home Screen).
  • Ability to return item level usage figures from the Update Stock Function on the Ordering Screen.
  • When repeating from Imported PMR, items are added to Order Pad based on ordering rules.
  • Adjustment to Fixed Threshold display on the Dispense Screen to show Threshold = Packs, not Units.
  • When printing a ‘Replied’ Order, Quantity of Supply now prints on output, as well as a header – Replied Order.


  • NEW – MUR Candidate Report
  • NEW – Preferred Items Report.
  • NEW – Average Items per Patient Report.
  • NEW – ‘To Be Dispensed’ EPS Queue Report.
  • NEW – ‘To Be Claimed’ EPS Queue Report (which displays number of days to place a claim).
  • Drug search filter added to the Order Item List Report.
  • Patient ID field added to Patient List Report output.
  • Surgery field added to Repeat Request List Report output.


  • Config Option added to Not create a ‘Dispensing Favourite’ upon Dispensing.
  • MUR Candidate Label changed to produce 1 Label per Prescription and not 1 Label per Item.
  • Added the ability to Reprint a Barcoded Bag Label.
  • Patient’s Default Prescriber now displayed on Home Screen.
  • MDA – where an instalment is ticked ‘Supervised’ – Supervised now prints on the Label.
  • MDA – Minor adjustments to instalment label layout.
  • Link to Drug PIL/SPC via Drug Management Screen.
  • Various spellings and grammar corrections.
  • Various keyboard navigation issues resolved.
  • Ability to Undo a completed Calendar Event.

Clanwilliam Health Acquires PharmaSys

Clanwilliam Health announced today the expansion of its product portfolio through the acquisition of PharmaSys, which now includes full ownership of the pharmacy PMR cloud solution RxWeb and the development team behind the cloud technology.

This builds upon the long established and highly successful partnership in the UK pharmacy market, with over 1,000 pharmacies now using RxWeb and further demonstrates our commitment to UK pharmacy following a multimillion pound investment in the RxWeb technology platform and software functionality in 2015 & 2016.

Clanwilliam Health Managing Director, Eileen Byrne, commented on the acquisition: “PharmaSys is an ideal fit for Clanwilliam Health’s pharmacy division; our shared focus for delivering innovative services that add value to UK pharmacists and their businesses will remain central to our strategy as our customer base grows. We are delighted to welcome PharmaSys to the company and look forward to continued collaboration in developing the RxWeb product and creating real value for our pharmacy customers.”

The expertise and knowledge of the PharmaSys team is being retained, with the existing development team joining Clanwilliam Health as full-time employees. Brian Henderson, founder and former Managing Director of PharmaSys will continue to work closely with Clanwilliam Health in an advisory capacity. Building on this acquisition, Clanwilliam Health will continue to work with our customers in developing RxWeb, retaining its position as the most innovative and economical PMR system in the UK pharmacy market.

2017 Cambrian Roadshow

Following our partnership with the Cambrian Alliance Group last year, we are pleased to announce that RxWeb will be presenting at the upcoming Cambrian Member Programme events across the UK in the coming months.

The Cambrian Roadshow has always been a great opportunity for our RxWeb team to meet members of the independant pharmacy community and engage in conversation on matters of interest to those within the industry.

We are particularly pleased to have the opportunity to now present RxWeb on a larger scale and illustrate the unique features of our web-based platform. Further, Cambrian members will welcome the feature of the Cambrian Alliance’s price comparison stock-ordering tool, e-CASS2, which is fully integrated within the RxWeb platform, a further cost-saving mechanism developed for the benefit of independant pharmacies.

Are you attending one of the below events? Get in contact with us now. To learn more about our partnership with the Cambrian Alliance Group, click here.

Date   Location  Venue
Wednesday 1st February   Leicester  Peepul Centre, Orchardson Ave, Leicester LE4 6DP
Wednesday 8th February   Watford  Village Hotel, Centennial Park , Centennial Avenue Elstree, WD6 3SB
Wednesday 1st March   Ilford  King George Conference & Banqueting Suite, King George Conference and Banqueting Centre, 713 Eastern Avenue, London, IG2 7RH
Wednesday 8th March   Birmingham  Village Hotel, Castlegate Drive, Dudley, DY1 4TB
Wednesday 22nd March   Manchester  Village Hotel, Pamir Drive, Ashton-Under-Lyne Manchester, OL7 0LY
Saturday 1st July   Wales  Venue to be confirmed


Holiday Support Hours

Below we have outlined the change in Customer Support Desk hours over the course of the festive season for our customers’ convenience.

We would like to wish all of our RxWeb customers a fantastic festive season as well as a healthy and prosperous new year.

Tel: 0207 784 7346


Sat Dec 24th Standard Opening Hours
Sun 25th Christmas Day Closed
Mon 26th Boxing Day Closed
Tues 27th Closed
Wed 28th Standard Opening Hours
Thurs 29th Standard Opening Hours
Fri 30th Standard Opening Hours
Sat 31st Standard Opening Hours
Sun Jan 1st New Year’s Day Closed
Mon 2nd Closed
Tuesday 3rd Standard Opening Hours

Emergency out of hours support for P1 (Systems Down) will be available