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Straight out of the box.

RxWeb is an innovative cloud-based Patient Medications Record (PMR) System. Suitable for all Pharmacy types including independents, groups, and large corporate organisations.

With RxWeb you can expect feature rich software focused on improving efficiencies.


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Productivity Apps

We have a range of productivity apps that promote efficiencies within the pharmacy. Each of which integrate seamlessly with the desktop version of RxWeb.

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Fast, easy-to-use and flexible dispensing.

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RxWeb allows you to order medication packs from any wholesaler without any restriction.

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Patient Communications

Communicating with patients is a great way to improve your service and build customer loyalty.

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Clinical Services

Carry out clinical services at no extra cost using RxWeb to support and facilitate the service you provide to your patients.

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Care Homes

With RxWeb pharmacies can seamlessly cater to the needs of care homes and community patients.

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Hub and Spoke

If you have multiple pharmacies, our Hub and Spoke module enables you to manage each store efficiently.

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Head Office

Our Head Office module is essential for any pharmacy group.

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Reports can be generated for individual pharmacies as well as across an entire pharmacy groups.

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RxWeb integrates with a wide range of third-party healthcare providers to help pharmacies increase dispensing capacity and the patient support services that can be provided.

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RxWeb provides pharmacies with high level security to protect patient and pharmacy data.

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Latest News

Embracing Cloud-Based PMR Systems with RxWeb
Clanwilliam is excited to be delivering EPS for our customers in Wales

Clanwilliam are excited to supporting the delivery of Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in Wales with RxWeb.  We have now entered the testing phase to support the programme.

How RxWeb is delivering the time and support that pharmacy

When considering a PMR partner for your pharmacy, security and how they store data relating to your business should be among your top priorities.

Our approach to data security

When considering a PMR partner for your pharmacy, security and how they store data relating to your business should be among your top priorities.

One-click dispensing is now available for everyone!

We are delighted to announce that after a successful rollout One-Click Dispensing is now available for all customers!

One-click dispensing is here!

We are delighted to announce that One-Click Dispensing is now ready for deployment.