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Fast, easy-to-use and flexible dispensing.

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RxWeb provides you with fast, easy-to-use and flexible dispensing options, such as:

RxWeb is built to be fast, easy-to-use, and flexible. Our dispensing workflow, One-Click, has been developed with customers to dramatically improve efficiencies within the pharmacy. Our system is also extremely flexible and can be configured to your specific requirements.

One-Click Dispensing identifies EPS scripts which have already been clinically checked and dispenses them in One-Click saving up to 30 hours per month.

Clinical Check frees up pharmacists from the dispensing process with their only involvement being to clinically check any scripts which haven’t automatically qualified for One-Click dispensing and authorise them as clinically checked to be dispensed via One-Click.

Accuracy Checker introduces a 3 – scan safety feature your dispensing teams can use to hand out medication as Accuracy Checked. By scanning firstly, the patients bag label, secondly the dispensed label barcode and thirdly the manufacturers barcode this effective, fast and intuitive Accuracy Check will confirm all the intended prescribed items are labelled correctly and presented to the correct patient. Removing the Pharmacist from checking that prescription items are accurate to be handed out.

Dispensing Benefits include:

  • Accuracy Checking
  • Clinical Checking
  • Trusted Dosages Directions
  • Real Time Exemption Checking
  • High Speed EPS2 Dispensing
  • Methadone Instalment Dispensing
  • Barcode Scanning for Quick and Safe Dispensing
  • DM+D Database
  • Electronic Repeat Requests
  • Barcoded Bag Labelling

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