1 Jul 2017

New system release

RxWeb has developed and successfully rolled out its newest software release, the ‘M Release’ to all users. As always, the RxWeb roadmap is determined by our users’ feedback, in order to best enhance the RxWeb user experience.

Some of the changes included within the M Release include:

  • Greater control on EPS2 Endorsing to add SP automatically and force an IP to be added, where applicable on Dispensed Item.
  • Medications List with tick-boxes added to the Right Hand Side of Token for all repeat prescriptions (previously only on repeat batch).
  • Improved Pack Replacement Logic when Part-Pack dispensing.
    • <=70% of a pack prescribed – round down ‘Add to Order’ Qty to nearest pack.
    • > 70% of a pack prescribed – round up ‘Add to Order’ Qty to nearest pack.
  • Ability to find a Patient in Nominations spine search by using NHS Number.

RxWeb users can view the full list of system changes by logging into their Anytime account.

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