4 Jun 2021

System Release – RTEC, SCR 1-click, Bag labels, EPS Queues

We are delighted to share with you a detailed look at what’s included in the June system release. 


Since our upgrade to HTML5, RxWeb is faster, smoother, and more reliable than ever before. The time it takes to develop and release new features to the system has also reduced significantly which means our product roadmap has become much more agile.

Because of this, we have adopted a new system release schedule meaning you will be seeing new features and functionality added to RxWeb much more regularly. And as a web-based system, all updates are rolled out remotely by our development team.


So what’s in the release?


  1. Real-Time Exemption Checking (RTEC) – RxWeb will now confirm a patient’s exemption status by automatically checking the NHS databases. PLEASE NOTE: There will be an initial pilot phase of RTEC meaning it won’t be immediately available within the system. Once approved by the NHS, this feature will be rolled out to all customers. This pilot is expected to run for 6 weeks. We will keep you updated on progress.
  2. Token Printing Limit Increased – The EPS token printing limit has been increased from 10 tokens to 20 tokens.
  3. SCR 1 click integration – Allows RxWeb users to access a patient’s SCR record with a single click from the patient home screen. PLEASE NOTE: Similar to RTEC, this feature will be switched on for all customers shortly after the release pending approval from the NHS.
  4. Increased View In EPS Queues – The ‘Additional Information’ window in the queues has now been replaced with a button to access this information, providing an increased view of the items listed in the EPS queues.
  5. New FP34 report – A new report has been added under Report Type ‘Financial’ called FP34 Statement Data – Current + 6 Months (EPS2) This report shows all items claimed for the last 6 months and for the current month, based on claims made within the claim submission window for the respective month. This is to help reconcile the item counts with the FP34 payment.
  6. Barcodes on Bag Labels – If you use an app for delivering prescriptions to your patients you will be able to scan a barcode on the bag label (containing the patient’s NHS number) directly into the delivery app. This will help you find your patient’s details quickly and easily.
  7. New Filter on Dispensing Screen – To help speed up the search responses for drugs, the current filters have been updated to only return those items currently available in the DM+D or that have been discontinued in the last 18 months. A new ‘ALL+DISC’ filter has therefore been added to display all items in the DM+D, including all discontinued items listed, regardless of the date they were discontinued.
  8. Search by NHS Number – Users can now search for a patient from the home screen using their NHS number.
  9. nhs.uk Domain Added for Prescribers – Users can now enter email addresses for prescribers that have nhs.uk addresses, as well as nhs.net, when sending repeat requests by email.
  10. Sort Care homes Drug Grid by Headers – You can now click the headers on the columns in the care home module to sort the data.
  11. Colours for Care Home/MDS Patients – You can now set a colour for your care home and MDS patients so they are highlighted in the queues.


New 3rd Party Integrations


  1. Pharmatek – A new dispensing robot entering the UK market. Further details at www.avonnex.com or by contacting amrik@avonnex.com
  2. AviBuyer – AviBuyer is another new buying tool available to RxWeb users. Please note that you must have Avicenna membership to use this system. For further details, please click here or contact support@avicenna.org


Please Note: RxWeb will now automatically set the correct exemption and you will not be required to perform any additional actions in the following cases:

  • Patient is Age Exempt – we will automatically set every script as Exempt: A
  •  ALL Items on the prescription are prescriber endorsed FS (Sexual Health Free of Charge Medication) – prescription will automatically be set as Exempt: Y
  • ALL Items on the prescription are prescriber endorsed CC (Free of Charge Contraceptives) – prescription will automatically be set as Exempt: X

In case of a prescription where NOT ALL Items are prescriber endorsed with either CC or FS you will still need to confirm the exemption for all other items that may require payment if the patient is Not Exempt, therefore the system will not set the exemption automatically for that script.

You can learn more about what integrations are available with RxWeb by visiting our modules page here or contact sales@rxweb.sobold.dev . A range of smaller items and bug fixes will also be included within the release. A full set of release notes CAN BE FOUND HERE.

We have also hosted a webinar where we ran through all the relevant updates and how they work. You can watch this webinar back down below.


We’ve been very excited to share this first major release with you all. We’ll be in touch again next week to let you know when the release has gone live

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