RxWeb Exhibits at the Pharmacy Forward Event

On Sunday the 10th June members of the RxWeb team attended and exhibited at the Pharmacy Forward Event.

Pharmacy Forward is a new event within the sector that has been provided by The Pharmacist. The event was open to pharmacy owners, managers, technicians and dispensers. There was a number of seminar streams which covered a huge range of topics providing attendees with key insights into industry changes and trends, as well as giving them ideas to increase profit. Some of the talks covered included digitalisation, GDPR, quality assurance, women in business, FMD and much more.

It was wonderful to attend the event and have a chance to meet a number of pharmacists in the UK. We spent the day demoing RxWeb to potential customers, answering questions and seeing some friendly faces too.

Many attendees expressed their concerns about the additional costs some PMR systems charge including buying new hardware, additional terminals to name a couple. RxWeb provides its users with complete control to choose the hardware that they want, including Windows tablets, 6 terminals per site at no monthly cost and the ability to access the PMR system when you are not in the pharmacy.

We look forward to continuing the conversations we have had with you all and it was such a great event for us to attend.

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