Helping Pharmacies Meet the Requirements of the Falsified Medications Directive

RxWeb FMD, our web-based solution, facilitates pharmacy requirements of the Falsified Medications Directive (FMD) law.

This standalone solution, which runs alongside RxWeb or your chosen PMR solution, provides you with complete flexibility to verify and decommission medication packs at any point within the dispensing journey to match your workflow and make ad-hoc scans and checks.

Key Features Include:

  • Scan medication packs – ensure they are genuine, check expiry date, serial and batch numbers.
  • Flexible enough to suit your specific processes and procedures.
  • Resilient and stable web-based platform.
  • Available on multiple terminals – scan at your back office, till or counter, etc.
  • Supply medication to patients – remove packs from the supply chain.
  • Product Grouping – allows you to scan multiple packs and create one bar code to scan when handing medication out.

How does it work? RxWeb FMD allows pharmacies to scan medication packs in accordance with the four pillars of the FMD:

Supply Medication marked as dispensed/supplied automatically decommissions on day 11.
Reintroduce Reverse previously dispensed/supplied packs enabling you to put them back on the shelf. Actionable within the 10-day window.
Verify Check the authenticity of medication packs (will not change status).
Decommission Decommission medicines that are destroyed, free samples or stolen.

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