Customer Visit: Abbey Pharmacy, Rotherham

I visited Abbey Pharmacy in Rotherham who have been an RxWeb user since 2011.

I was keen to spend time with some a customer to get a first-hand view of the system in use in a business pharmacy environment.

The story of Abbey Pharmacy is one of inspiration in dealing with and overcoming adversity; reinventing themselves to provide exceptional standards of customer service via innovative use of technology, where RxWeb is at the core of their operation.


Andrew and Sally Porter purchased Vantage Pharmacy in Rotherham city centre in 2005 (Andrew had been Manager since 1999). In December 2011, disaster struck due to a freak electrical fire that ravaged the pharmacy and forced them to close. Rather than forfeit their business, Andrew and Sally were determined to come back bigger and stronger than ever. After 8 months, and serious renovation they reopened to serve the community in August 2012.

Andrew was keen to put technology, design and innovation at the forefront of the business when they reopened. They relaunched as Abbey Pharmacy, using a Consis robot to work alongside RxWeb as well as bringing in a designer to modernise the shop.

Andrew is proud to say that they won 95% of their previous customers back within three months of re-opening.


Despite months of lost trade, and high competition (11 pharmacies within a mile), Abbey Pharmacy is a shining light in Rotherham city centre. Dispensing over 10,000 items per month, from 25 different surgeries, they have rebuilt the business bigger and better through exceptional standards of customer service and patient care.

Abbey Pharmacy is currently dispensing 23% of all scripts via EPS.

This has led to them to receive numerous awards including 2013 Pharmacy Business of the Year.


RxWeb, in conjunction with Consis B3 dispensing robot and the use of leading technology, has helped Abbey Pharmacy automate much of their dispensing process, meaning they have more time to concentrate on providing patient care. The Consis B3 improves stock management as 80% of their scripts are fulfilled from the robot.


It was really great to spend time with the staff at Abbey Pharmacy and see the dedication and commitment our RxWeb customers have for their business and for the pharmacy profession as a whole.


UK Pharmacy Support Team Lead

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