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Server Status

We continuously monitor the server status of RxWeb and all its related services. If there are any interruptions to service, an update will be posted here.

Service interruptions will vary in size and complexity, from localised events which affect a few customers, to large scale events which may impact many. We try to plan for all eventualities, but our dedicated team of Software Technicians are constantly on call to fix any problems as soon as possible.

Service Status Description

HTML5 Update

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26-01-21: 09:00am
If you have a query related to the upgrade please email and the upgrade team will pick this up.

RxWeb System Available

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RxWeb EPS Available

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RxWeb Service Desk

Status Icons High Call Volumes

26-01-21: 08:30am
Call volumes are now starting to return to a normal level. If you do not get through, please email with details of your query.

If your query is related to the upgrade please email and the upgrades team will pick this up.

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