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Save Hours Each Month With Trusted Dosages

Your team could save hours each month with our new Trusted Dosages feature!


What is Trusted Dosages?

You may remember that we introduced this new feature in our August release. This new feature allows RxWeb to convert many of the common GP text Strings to a Trusted Dosage mapping.

For Example, in 3 months across our environment, the downloaded GP Dosage of ‘1 nocte’ occurred 30931 times.

This would usually be changed to ‘ONE to be Taken at NIGHT’. Further analysis showed hundreds of variants of codes that essentially meant the same thing e.g. take one daily, One To Be Taken Each Day, 1 TABLET ONCE A DAY, take one once daily, TAKE ONE DAILY, ONE TO BE TAKEN DAILY, 1 OD, One To Be Taken Daily, 1 TABLET ONCE DAILY occurred 855420 times.

All of these are essentially ‘ONE to be Taken DAILY’.

RxWeb has had a pharmacist prepare a system mapping table of the commonly seen dosages strings to a clear and consistent instruction. This is also something you can manage yourself if you choose to. If you don’t think our mappings fit your requirements you can create your own.


The Impact

Since its launch back in August, Trusted Dosages has had a major impact on the customers using it, helping them to save hours each month whilst improving the clinical safety of manually entering dosage syntax. We have estimated that on average, a successfully mapped item saves a pharmacist about 3 seconds in checks and changes.

Although feedback from users would suggest that this is a very conservative estimate with many saying that they are probably saving 4-5 seconds per item.

So how do those saved seconds translate? Well, in the below table we have outlined exactly how many seconds, minutes, and hours we’ve saved Trusted Dosage users in the past month.

Trusted Dosages has saved our customers over 1,246 hours of work in the first month of use. This equates to a saving of almost 3 hours per site, per month. And it’s worth noting that these numbers are set to increase substantially as we have now increased the number of Trusted Dosage mappings from 300 to over 1000.


How to enable Trusted Dosages on your system

Trusted Dosage can be switched on in system configurations. From the menu at the top of your screen go to System/System Configuration and select the options shown under Categories and Sub Categories. Highlight the line ‘Use Trusted Dosage Conversion’ and change the value at the bottom to ‘Yes’ and then press ‘Update’.

If you wish to learn more about creating your own mappings we have created a guide which you can find in our release notes below.

Full details about the Trusted Dosages functionality can be found in the ‘Release S Detailed Overview’ notes here.


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