One-Click Dispensing is now available for everyone!

We are delighted to announce that after a successful rollout One-Click Dispensing is now available for all customers!

After a successful piloting phase and a gradual release out to customers we are delighted to announce that One-Click Dispensing is now available for all customers. We would like to thank the RxWeb User Group for their valuable insights and feedback. Our user group has always helped put our customers at the centre of any piece of development we release.

One-Click has already been a huge success! This new feature was developed to dramatically speed up the dispensing flow for repeat items or items repeated to a patient where no changes have occurred. And that is exactly what it is doing. Customers who are using the feature are saving hours on dispensing each week which many are redeploying into service provision and other areas.

If you haven’t turned One-Click on for your pharmacy yet, it is very easy to do. Simply download the guide below and follow the instructions. We also recommend watching our short video tutorial. Both the guide and the video will show you how to set up and configure One-Click so that it works in the best way possible for your pharmacy.

And remember our support team are at hand to assist if needed!

You can download a full user guide here: Download One-Click User Guide.

You can also watch a demonstration of One-Click below.



“One-Click is a true game changer for the pharmacy team.”

– Tej Heer, Kamal Enterprises


“I’m loving it! It makes the process so much easier and faster.”

– Mohammed Mokoddus, Catto Chemists


We are looking forward to getting you all onboarded and using One-Click Dispensing. And we look forward to bringing you more features and functionality throughout the year!

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