New Release Features

Our latest release of RxWeb (‘K Release’) was recently rolled out for all our users and contains new features and numerous system improvements designed around user feedback and experience. Details of these are outlined below:

New Features:

  • Improved Repeat Management Module – Improved usability as well as new features e.g. Automatic Preordering of items
  • Improved SMS Functionality – Users can now send a pre prepared SMS at the Point of Dispensing or by scanning a Bag Label Barcode
  • Token Features – Users can now select the RHS to print for specific tokens when Printing Multiple Tokens
  • NMS & MUR – New Features for these Modules including NMS reminder Labels and an NMS/MUR count in the Calendar
  • Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs – RxWeb is now prepared to facilitate Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled drugs to be Dispensed in the RxWeb System via EPS. This feature will go live once all current PMR systems have been approved by the The NHS Digital.

Bug Fixes:

  • The sporadic issue of a prescription returning to the ‘To Be Collected’ queue after an endorsement was added has been fixed
  • General Information and ‘Repeat History’ font sizes on the Token can now be changed in System Configuration
  • Improved spacing between the drug name and dosage on dispensing labels

We are also pleased to release the following details as a preview to upcoming releases, ‘K2’ and ‘L’:

K2 Features (October Release)

  • MUR Module Improvements
  • SMS Module Improvement
  • Veterinary Recording Improvement
  • Private Script Book Adjustments
  • EPS Token Modifications
  • Renaming Of Loan System For MEP Compliance
  • Plus Other Enhancements

L Features (November Release)

  • Improved Stock Control
  • Line By Line Order Type Control
  • New Order Type – Fixed Threshold
  • Improved Interface Changes
  • Order Rules Management Changes

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