Refer a Friend - Terms and Conditions

Customers who refer others to the program are “Referrers”; those who are referred are “Referred Friend.”

  1. The Referrers must be a current customer of RxWeb.
  2. The Referred Friend must not be a customer of RxWeb and must not have been a customer of RxWeb within the last 6 months of applying for this offer.
  3. Referrers will receive their 6 Months free when their Referred Friend signs a contract and is installed with RxWeb.
  4. Referrers can not refer a pharmacy from their own group (In certain circumstances this will be reviewed).
  5. The 6 Months Free will be added to the end of the Referrers AND Referred friends contract.
  6. This program must not be used in combination with any other special offer. For example, if you are currently availing of free months and are wishing to receive additional free months through this program. In these cases, the application will need to be reviewed.
  7. Each customer is eligible for one token (6 Months Free). If a customer wishes to refer another friend, we are happy to review however the reward will be reduced down from 6 months. Customers with multiple sites may refer more than one friend.