RxWeb is cloud-based system which requires customers to have an active internet connection with a static IP address for the application to work.

As RxWeb is only available via the internet which provides users with anytime, anywhere and remote access, if there is no internet connection you will be unable to access the system. Therefore, in case of an internet failure, we strongly advise all customers to have a wireless internet dongle connection.

How can the Internet fail?

To protect yourself effectively, it’s important to understand the different types of failures that can impact your business. The most common faults are:

  1. Simple internet service provider (ISP) ‘internal issue’ – This will be a fault within the network of your ISP and can often be resolved within a couple of hours.
  2. Accounts issue – Your ISP may think you haven’t paid your billing or there is an ongoing billing dispute. If things escalate, the ISP may cut off the internet connection.
  1. Major ISP issue – This could be a complete failure of critical equipment within your ISP, for example problem with their main operations centre or the equipment located within an exchange somewhere.
  2. Critical infrastructure failure – Something has happened within the vicinity which has led to a connection failure, for example an extended power outage at the exchange or a black hole that has inadvertently dug up a cable in your street. A failure like this can take many days or even weeks to recover from.

How can I protect my business?

As you may imagine, these internet failures can stop or put your business on hold as you will not be able to access RxWeb and will require a lot of time to fix. Therefore, protecting yourself from some of these situations with a simple, cost-effective and easy to manage solution is recommended.

It is critical that customers have an internet connection as well as a back up to ensure you are protected at all costs. We recommend that customers acquire a wireless internet 4G or a 5G dongle, which is a small USB device that allows you to connect to the internet.

An internet dongle is a low-cost solution to ensure that you always have access to RxWeb at all times. They can be brought from most broadband and phone providers as well as some computer and appliance shops. Dongles can be brought on a pay-as-you-go and are small enough to go into a drawer which means they won’t interrupt your workflow and are not a consistent overhead that can be hidden away until it is needed.

We highly recommend that all customers invest in a wireless internet dongle as a back-up to any internet failures that may occur.